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Bonus #1 - Super Money Emails


Super Money Emails In A Box Will Allow You To Make Tons Of Additional Sales To Existing Customers

"Following Up & Asking For More Money Has Always Been A Touchy Thing That's Required Superb Copywriting Skills"

Getting a person who has just spent money with you to make an additional purchase is 100 times easier than getting a non-customer to make a first time purchase.

Writing effective follow-up and up sell messages to get people to pony up that additional dough for an additional product or service is very difficult.

After all, we aren't all copywriters and if you don't know how to persuade in print, it doesn't matter if they just made a purchase and trust you because they won't buy if they aren't convinced.

That's what holds nearly all online businesses back from following up and trying to get more money out of their customers.

Here's what you'll get with Super Money Emails -

Completely pre-written. You don't have to write one single word and can enjoy the peace of mind knowing a professional copywriter crafted your messages from scratch!

50 messages! You get 50 full messages, spread across all 5 areas of an online business that are ready to roll for every facet of your online business. Just grab the sequence you need and you're off to the races.

Fully customizable. Easy message is marked with tokens that show you where to enter things like your name, product name and e-mail address as well as dozens of other "personalized" tidbits to make each message truly unique and customized to you and your business!

100% Plug 'N Play. Just pick the sequence you need for any aspect of your marketing process, customize it and pop it into place for a fast, effective and truly professional follow up system.

Can you imagine making double or triple the amount of money you currently do for your product or service with no additional customers?

Bonus #2 - Internet Marketing Star Blueprint


Grab this rare opportunity to increase your success by learning the methods one marketer used to go from nothing to regular $100,000 paychecks

You can get your hands on this valuable 'marketing blueprint' instantly, and I firmly believe that you'll be ecstatic with the results you'll get from applying the tactics inside.

The infinite possibilities for your marketing efforts will accelerate and become a whole lot simpler with the knowledge inside Internet Marketing Star Blueprint at your disposal!

The Internet Marketer's Blueprint Will Detail:
When you're doing something wrong, it's nice to know about it before it starts to cost you a ton of both money and time. This is where this interview comes in super-handy.

You'll discover an in-depth discussion of the rights and wrongs of well known, but rarely mastered marketing techniques from the pro himself.

Where do you begin? Everybody has a big list and hundreds of customers already, but where are yours? Getting started used to be the hardest part.

Not anymore though, you'll be taken through everything this marketer did to put himself among one of the 'flying under the radar, but making a crapload of money doing it' people. You don't have to be loud, famous or cocky to be rich. (Lesson one)

The secrets behind list building and promotion. How do you get your list to respond and buy your products when you want them to, over and over again, for life?

Know when you're mailing them too much, or too little. A hotly debated topic, but the answer lies within the blueprint, (along with access to over a decade of online marketing experience).

Live Q&A answers questions from real marketers just like you. Topics covered involve how to begin building your list, how to manage it when you've got one, and article writing and publishing. Free publicity is very powerful if you know how to use it correctly.

How you use this blueprint is your choice entirely, but I highly recommend you put his profitable words into immediate action. If you do, you'll see the face of your business change overnight.

A decade of free publicity experience at your disposal. When this marketer got started, he paid for nothing at all. He just wrote and published.

All your content writing questions will get answered. What should you write about? What do you do with it once it's finished? And much more.

How to publish your content and get real results. Writing is all well and good, but once you're done, you'll need outlets. I'm not talking about the ones that get you the odd hit to your site here & there, I'm talking viral.

I'm talking about having content that's are heavily published, flying out of control and ending up on hundreds of websites and going to hundreds of lists. Now that's going to bring you some real traffic (and more importantly, new customers!)

Avoid the expensive product launch pitfalls. Experience teaches us all something. For those of us experiencing things first, it always hurts us in the pocket.

The good news is that those that learn from that and arrive afterwards, don't have to make those same devastating mistakes that cost up to $10,000 a pop (sometimes even more).

You'll save money simply because you will have the blueprint all mapped out in front of you, from start to finish. This is *exactly* what this hard-hitting, powerful interview is all about.

$1000 an hour, or grab this, it's your choice. The only way to learn without bankrupting yourself is to learn from someone who survived and prospered. This is your chance to do that, but it's up to you to take it.

And lots, lots more valuable information you can put to work immediately!

You can get your hands on this valuable 'marketing blueprint' instantly, and I firmly believe that you'll be ecstatic with the results you'll get from applying the tactics inside.

Bonus #3 - The Niche Dominator


Quickly & Easily Dominate ANY Niche You Desire With The Use Of Free Membership Sites - Using Our Step By Step Guide!

More than ever before, Internet Marketers and Internet Entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and interests are quickly finding out the many, many advantages to opening a free membership site for their customers and potential customers.

Even savvy and well-established Internet marketers who have paid membership sites are starting to set up free membership sites because they can clearly see the tremendous advantages of having a free membership site, regardless of the niche they want to dominate.

The Niche Dominator course reveals a step-by-step guide that you can quickly & easily follow while starting your very own profitable membership site, even though you're giving its access away for FREE!

It may not sound even remotely profitable, but that's where most marketers are totally off the mark. We intend to show you why free membership sites ARE profitable and then guide you to get your own unique niche dominated quickly using our easy to follow techniques!

In This Course, You Will Soon Discover:

How to expand your online business using FREE membership site models!

How to start your first FREE membership site on a low cost for high profits - step-by-step! (Hint: once you know this, you can quickly multiply this amazing business model for exponential profits!)

What you need and where to acquire top notch resources and tools to get started on your membership site model at the lowest investment possible!

4 powerful ways to promote your membership site to the masses... and recruit new members by the truckloads!

4 profit-pulling, money-making centers you can financially benefit from... even though you're giving away your membership accesses for FREE!

How sending one email away can get you even more members and potential customers!

How to build expert influence through your membership site!

And there's still more!

Just thinking about taking on what seems like a mammoth chore like this might seem a bit daunting. You might even be afraid to even contemplate setting up a membership site, but The Niche Dominator will literally take you by the hand and show you everything step-by-step.

Any fears you might have had about taking this step will literally vanish once you read this course! We will show you where to find all of the right tools, which membership software is best, which domain registrars which hosting company we prefer, and everything else you need to know. No stones are left unturned!

Bonus #4 - Your Own Online Business

Tired of Slaving Away From 9-5? Laid off? Need Extra Cash? Medical Bills? Is the Recession Raining On Your Parade? Why not start your own website?

Start Your Very Own Online Internet Marketing Business In Less Than One Month!

These strategies for setting up an internet marketing business quickly will have you up and running your own virtual money making machine faster than any bank could ever foreclose on your house.

What if I told you that you can quit your job and that you could work from anywhere in the world?

What if I told you that you could have a lucrative online business thriving within thirty days from now, allowing you to pay off your credit card debt, quit your job or buy your kid a college education?

I have sifted through all the information that is out there on the web about starting your own internet marketing business, and have distilled it all down to one, perfectly clear critical path that you can follow - so that you can be up and running with your own internet business in less than one month.

Consider the convenience of doing this, rather than opening some kind of business like a store! It could take you several months of planning to accomplish that!

Being a entrepreneur is much easier. You can be up and running and making money in just a few days.

Bonus #5 - Copywriting Basics

Learning web copywriting on your own could take ages...Accelerate your learning process, and become an effective web copywriter immediately!

Writing effective web copy is one of the best skills to have - if you can write your own profit pulling copy, you'll be miles ahead of your competition.

Besides that, you can save a TON of money on your sales letters. A highly skilled copywriter can command several thousand dollars to write just ONE sales letter.

The goal of any good copywriter is to get the reader to take some kind of action - usually order your product or sign up to your mailing list. If the reader does not take action, you don't succeed.

By learning some simple techniques, you'll be able to increase the number of people who take the action you want them to take. This is obviously the result you're looking for, isn't it?

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....
Copywriting requires a plan??? Yep, it's true, writing efficient copy means that you need to accomplish some research and understand your visitors' needs...we'll tell you what research works, and how to use it to your advantage.

What exactly is a headline designed for, and what should it say? The real trick here isn't always what you do say, but also what you don't. Your headline is the MOST important part of any copywriting...messing this one up will leave you with disappointing results.

The look of your text links makes a difference? Get this: Trying to be too professional looking may actually be bad for your site...and you'll find out why this is especially true when it comes to text links!

Focus on what you offer? Nope! A common mistake with copy on the internet is that people often want to describe their product or services details...but there's something more important you should be trying to portray...

And a lot more!

By learning these simple techniques, you'll be able to increase the number of people who take the action you want them to take. This is obviously the result you're looking for, isn't it?

Bonus #6 - Outsourcing Secrets

A Message For People Who Need To Outsource . . . But Just Don’t Know How To Get Started

Tips And Secrets To Help You Outsource Successfully… So Anyone Can Avoid Costly Errors And Outpace The Competition Without Breaking A Sweat

Are you ready to step outside the box and discover a new way to invest in your business, one that will boost profits, improve team spirits and skyrocket your enterprise to the top of the industry?

Are you tired of poor performance and looking for a way to save money but boost profitability without compromising quality?

Outsourcing often earns a bad name. The truth is however, there are multiple secrets to outsourcing, simple strategies you can adopt to use outsourcing in your favor.

When used properly, outsourcing provides a competitive advantage… an advantage you need to get ahead and smash the competition…

Are you interested in learning the #1 secret everyone interested in outsourcing needs to know to ensure a successful transition and integration of diverse contractors in the workplace?

Here it is: To outsource job roles successfully, you must create a winning team of professionals whose goals align with your strategic objectives and mission.

It sounds easy, right? The truth is however, most people fail when they attempt to outsource important job roles.

Outsourcing Secrets - Your Guide To Outsourcing Success

Here is just a sampling of what you will learn -

The 3 core concepts underlying outsourcing that will ensure your business success

#1 secret for building strong relationships between your diverse employees

Tips for creating a committed work environment that encourages knowledge sharing and boosts profits

The top 3 jobs to outsource and places you can find competent and professional contractors

The #1 place to find outsourcing programmers, writers and related contractors to save you time and money while working

Tips for protecting your rights and copyright infringement when outsourcing important job roles to writers

The #1 way to detect plagiarism and nip it in the bud before it affects your working relationships

Step-by-step methods for creating non-disclosure agreements and other important contracts you’ll need to protect your trade secrets

What outsourcing really is and how you can use it to bolster your success and encourage diversity within your business

Avoid costly errors by learning how to outsource the right way.

Bonus #7 - Social Media Riches


If Not, Do You Want To Literally STEAL This "SECRET TECHNIQUE" Today?

Online Communities & Social Networking Cash Making Strategies Revealed!

If we could show you some real hot tips and over 40 of the hottest resources that have been researched for you so you don't have to go through all the painstaking searches and trouble all by yourself!

In this report, you'll learn about just a few of the sites that you can use to make some extra cash.

You can make cash by creating and uploading videos!

You can make cash by uploading pictures!

You can make cash by uploading music!

You can make cash by writing on blogs and posting to forums!

You'll learn the exact sites where....

The top user has earned over $26,000

You can get paid $400 for a video

You can get paid $2000 for a short film

You can get paid $2000 for flash animation or flash games

You can get paid $25 for original pictures

You can get paid $50 for girl of the day and $500 for girl of the month

Get paid $5 to post to a blog or forums

Get paid $3 to post a 'tip'

And much, much more...

Bonus #8 - Internet Marketing Profit Plan


If you are struggling to make money online then you're probably missing just a few pieces of the puzzle!

If you have been trying to make money online for even a short amount of time then you'll have no doubt bought hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of products so far, all of them selling you a magic pill.

Did any of them work? Don't feel bad, we've all been there at one point, it is like a 'right of passage' to internet success that everyone has to go through. So what's the answer? Well first stop buying junk! Next you need to learn the essential profit-pulling skills crucial to success. The kind of skills you can build a profitable business with, and that will set you up to make money from the internet whatever the economic climate and whatever direction you decide to take.

Real skills, real tools, no smoke and mirrors, you want success? Well you're going to have to work for it, but that just makes the success so much sweeter!

Imagine the satisfaction of earning money right from in front of your computer, of earning money while you sleep! You've been told that before though, you've also been told it'll only take you 30 minutes a day. You CAN earn money while you sleep, you CAN earn it from in front of your computer, but you're NOT going to earn it for just 30 minutes a day, not at first anyway.

This product was created to cut through all crap that people are being sold which teach fancy tricks and techniques to make money. This book teaches you the essential skills and tools you need to stand up and stake a claim on your share of the cash being spent online!

The activities that set you apart from 99% of the other people trying to make money online as they are still too busy chasing their tail with all the other schemes, meanwhile you know the tried and tested methods to bring in the traffic and sales.

Here is what you could be learning just minutes from now!

The mindset that will almost guarantee you have success (not just thinking positive!)

One thing that you MUST learn to be a 'real' online marketer, everyone tries to cover this up when they sell you courses but I lay it bare for all to see and teach you how to master it!

The most profitable thing you can work towards and how you need to watch everything you say in your emails if you are to stand a chance of getting this

Why Web 2.0 sites are great for short-term gain, but just too risky for anything else

The most important activity you can do which has helped to launch the businesses of some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs of today

The single biggest mistake people make starting out which you MUST avoid if you ever want to make serious profits...

How to accelerate your learning so you can get more done faster!

And so much more!

Bonus #9 - High Response Sales Letters

How To Write High Response Sales Letters In Just 25 Minutes With These 6 Quick And Easy Steps That Work Every Single Time... Even If You've Never Written One Before!

Introducing to you the "High Response Sales Letters" Copywriting Course

In just minutes from now you can own the "High Response Sales Letters" Copywriting Package.

Consisting of 60 power-packed pages of supercharged information telling you EXACTLY how to create sales letters that really sell. These Proven Power Packed Sales Letter Techniques are waiting for you.

Learn the exact tested and proven methods Internet Guru's use to rake in fortunes online with their sales letters.

Here are just some of the Powerful Tips revealed in this incredible copywriting package...
Over a decade of tracking, testing and experience at your disposal. Since I started in online marketing, I've written, tested, critiqued and torn to pieces many hundreds if not thousands of sales letters out there. My experience is now yours

A proven track record that has seen visitor to sales ratios rise by over twenty five times since the beginning of my online marketing career. You could test and track all of this yourself if you like, but of course, that takes time. But why expend all that effort when I've done most of the work for you?

Step by step sales letter creation. I'm not just going to give you a bunch of examples here and say 'copy this and your stuff will sell'. Instead, I'm going to define a set of rules for you that will take you right from the very first word, to the last letter. No need to flail blindly in the dark anymore. I take you through each step to, by the end of the manual, completion of a power-packed, proven to sell sales letter.

It works for everything. You know, I started out developing these methods before I even started in online marketing, selling computers offline. You don't have to be selling a how to make money product to take advantage of this. In fact, if you're not selling such a product, you'll soon be giggling at the competition who have poor sales processes, or even no sales letter at all, which is extremely apparent outside of the make money niche. This is your chance to get ahead before they realize what's going on.

Snap your readers out of their daily grind trance with attention grabbing headlines then slowly ease them into your sales letter with a hypnotic introduction, flowing right into the sale of your product. We cover proven sales letter techniques from start to finish. No special skills required. If you can read and write english, you can do this.

Writers block solved in a split second. Never again be stuck for something to write, or have trouble getting started on what is the most important piece of your business. One simple method that allows words to flow right onto the page will save you from any more frustrating blanks that come with standard copywriting territory.

How to give your headlines meaning. Any part of your marketing material is useless unless it really means something to the reader or listener. Learn not only how to create meaning in your marketing material, but how to have your audience immediately visualize what you're saying, drastically reducing the chances of them leaving or being distracted. (Responsible for doubling the sales of my last product)

2 ways to grab the attention of your audience that will not only have them sticking around for longer, but wanting even more (This amazingly even applies to sales material).

3 methods of cementing yourself in your prospects mind, so much so that not only will they be far more likely to buy from you multiple times, but they'll spread your brand for you even if they decide not to buy.

The downfalls of the newbie sales material writer. Learn what others are doing wrong so that you can do it right. Are your sales being effected by these as you read this? I'll bet at least one of these negative points is present in your material right now. We need to remove it, because you're losing sales.

Five elements of all successful sales letters. If you find any sales letter with a decent visitors to sales ratio written by a professional copywriter, you'll see they have all of these elements in common. The kicker is you don't need to spend $2000 per letter (sometimes even more) to create sales material every time you launch a product. We'll show you how instead, right now.

Touch your readers and they will pay you for it. This course is packed with means and methods to touch your readers, not in a corny way, or an unethical way, but several triggers that you can use to create a strong bond with your audience are waiting to be taken advantage of. If you won't, the profit will go in your competitions pocket instead. It's your choice entirely.

3 ways to seal the deal. You know, it's the first rule of sales in real world business, but I rarely see marketers taking advantage of it online. This one aspect alone could double your sales.

And much much more.

Bonus #10 - Make Money with Autoresponders

Millions of People Search for Advice on How to Start or expand an E-Business, Don’t waste any more time searching for elusive answers Because you just found the First Step To "Making Money With Auto Responders"

The e-business solution that will help you create financial freedom and increase your sales Automatically, Endlessly and Effortlessly

"Making Money With Auto responders" will increase your sales

1. "Making Money With Auto responders" will increase your sales.
What I am going to share with you has everything you need to start and grow a profitable e-business. The in-depth insider secrets the author shares with you will help your profits begin to increase immediately.

2. Make more money without putting in more time.
With this valuable information you can start making money without leaving your home and family. Instead of working overtime the information in this one e-book will allow you to untie yourself from the business for those important little league games or dance recitals with your children.

3. "Making Money With Auto responders" shows you how to have an "assistant" working 24/7 without worrying about payroll problems.
The biggest problem in owning your own business is not having enough time to get every thing done. This e-book tells you how to get the job done without hiring staff and using up resources on payroll, benefits programs and office space.

4. You are accessing a detailed resource from an expert who wants to share his success with you.
You are getting an authoritative document from an author that wants to share his knowledge and expertise with you. There is no get rich quick scheme; just straight forward and detailed information on how to build your e-business using the auto responder technology that the successful e-business experts utilize.

Do you recognize the OUTSTANDING VALUE Of this exclusive offer?

"Making Money With Auto responders" provides detailed step by step instructions on -

Choosing a product to market

Doing your own marketing surveys

Setting up your e-storefront

Detailed instructions on how to use an auto responder program

Bonus #11 - Magic Words That SELL

Who Else Wants To Sell More Products By Simply Swiping These Magical Words & Phrases...

Instantly Get Your Hands On Winning Headlines And Words You Can Use In Your Copy or Advertising To Increase Sales!

Are you trying to sell more of your products but struggling?

Did you know that the words you use in your copy can either make or break the sale?

When it comes to selling products, you have to be careful with your words.

You can’t just pitch a product to your customers using the same tone, mood, and phrases as you would to make a suggestion to a friend.

And you can’t discuss the features of a product like you might in a letter or an email.

That is, when you pitch your work or the work of another business owner, you have to choose your words carefully. You have to select words and phrases that will instruct the reader to think and act in a way that will eventually result in them buying your products.

That's why using the right words is crucial when you're selling anything.

So Can You Use Words To Sell More?

There are a number of tricks. Some involve inserting certain "psychological trigger" words into your copy.

These words will generate some association in the reader's mind, which will compel them to act in a specific way. For instance, you might use the word "shocking" or "scientifically proven" in a salesletter headline to draw in the attention of a reader.

In short, the construction and placement of good words and phrases can go a long way in determining the success of your marketing campaign.

Fortunately for you, I've put together a guide with the intention to help you utilize the power of words into your sales.

What's Inside This Guide?

A complete guide filled with various types of winning words and phrases to help you sell more of your products.

Lots of Headlines you can quickly swipe into your advertisements and sales copy.

The different types of headlines you can use.

How to properly use a call-to-action to get people to buy now

How to use the AIDA principle to construct your sales copy.

How motivate people using words and phrases.

How to use "psychological triggers".

Powerful words you can use in any situation to influence and motivate others.

much, much more!

Bonus #12 - Website Advertising Guide

Learn All the Promotion Tips and Strategies to promote your Website

A website without traffic is not going to make any money!

This is one of the main problems most webmasters face when they are launching their first website.

Traffic is not guaranteed, you will have to actually put in some effort to get people visiting your website.

In this guide I will be outlining a wide range of ways you can go about promoting your website to ensure you start receiving quality traffic.

The entire focus of this guide is to ensure that by the time you finish reading it, you’ll have a variety of advertising options, so that you can start generating traffic to your website.

Bonus #13 - Future FaceBook Marketing Exposed

Beat Your Competition To It And Discover How YOU Can Benefit From All Facebook's Newest Changes To Make HUGE Online Profits EASIER Than Ever Before!

Read on to discover how you can catapult your Facebook marketing efforts into the future by learning about all the Facebook iFrame changes and how you can use them to YOUR ADVANTAGE

As internet marketers we realize the big marketing potential of Facebook

...with over 600 million users, we need to stay on the ball and be up to date with all the changes, or our competition will beat us to it.

With so many new changes, especially the very "confusing" iFrame method of creating Facebook pages, it becomes a constant struggle to stay up to date with the new changes and how to use them to our benefit.

Are you also confused and frustrated with Facebook's new changes?

Do you want to know how to use iFrames to build your own page on facebook?

Future Facebook Marketing Exposed

Bonus #14 - Sales Bot Generator

Unleash These 24 Hour Online Sales Agents & Immediately Skyrocket Conversions, Sales & Profits...

Now you can have a second chance at selling to your exit traffic

Introducing The Brand New... Sales Bot Generator

I'm sure you've heard the saying that to become successful, you need to study what successful people do and model their actions!

Well if you've been following the Internet Marketing scene lately you'll have noticed the growing popularity of those little 'exit chat agent' scripts. All the big name 'guru's' seem to be using them on all their sites.

Basically what they are is little interactive chat windows that popup when a user tries to exit a webpage. Users can interact with these little bots like a regular messenger client similar to MSN or AOL.

When I heard other marketers talk of the great results and extra profits these 'exit sales agents' were generating, I knew I had to find a way for 'the little guy' to model their success without having to make a huge investment.

Well I've developed a remarkably simple system does just that...

Sales Bot Generator is a simple little script you can use to set up your personal 'exit traffic salesmen'. As soon as they get a sense someone is about to abandon your site they jump into action, giving your visitors a second chance to interact with your site and take action on your offers.

You can generate unlimited salesmen and put them on any webpage you want. Simply add one block of code to your webpage and your salesman is ready to go to work.

This is extremely easy to do, only takes a couple of minutes and full directions are provided.

If You Can Click, Copy, and Paste, You Can Use "Sales Bot Generator"

Here are just some of the ways you will benefit when you start using 'Sales Bot Generator' today!

Slash Website Abandonment - Grab your visitors attention just before they leave and intice them back into your site with a new offer.

Increase Visitor Value - Increase the dollar value of each of your customers by converting and selling more often.

Boost Conversions - Convert more visitors into buyers by giving them a special discount just before they leave your site. (These people were about to leave forever and spend nothing)

Lighten Customer Support - Address some of the most common questions potential buyers have.

Motivate Potential Affiliates - Put an exit sales bot on your affiliate recruitment page reminding affiliates about competitions or special prizes you may give out for top affiliates!

Reiterate Important Bonuses - A big selling point of many offers is the bonuses that are included. Now you can make sure your visitors know the value of your bonuses by reminding them of one last time before they go.

Upsell & Cross-sell - Upsell or cross-sell related products while your customers are in 'buying mode'.

Exit Surveys - Ask your visitors why they are leaving and you'll get all the information you need to improve your offer and increase your profits!

Bonus #15 - Ultimate Exit PopUp

Why Let Over 95% Of Your Visitors Leave Your Site Without Spending A Single Dime... When There Is A Tool That Will Stop Them In Their Tracks And Suck Them Right Back In?

Today it is harder work and more expensive than ever to get traffic to your site. It makes sense then to take steps to turn as many visitors as possible into prospects if not confirmed buyers... before they can leave to buy from someone else!

Would it help if you had access to the ultimate tool that helps suck in extra optins, can increase conversions by 200% to even 300%, makes your site as sticky as flypaper… and simply cannot be stopped!

Yes, that was a loaded question because I knew your answer would be a resounding "Yes." In fact, I have yet to find anyone seeking online business success who has answered anything but a loud "Yes" to that first question.

Now how would you like it if I were to just cut to the chase and tell you what that tool is?

Well, if you read the name on the header of this site let alone the domain name then you already know what that Ultimate tool is... an unblockable, unstoppable, Ultimate Exit Popup which, if you use it, does have the power to revolutionize your Internet marketing success.

I can tell you want to know more, so here's the deal:

A REAL Exit Popup…

Immune to ALL popup blockers…

Shows up ONLY when your visitors hit their back button or try to close your sales page…

Not an irritating script that is enabled if they accidentally move their cursor outside the active window…

Dynamically serves up any page, form etc. you want to show behind the popup (can you say upsell, downsell, audio, video, live chat or just about anything else you can think of!?) …

Take all of that and then add to it the fact that you get a totally simple to use, step-by-step interface that hands you not just the code you must then past into your web pages like so many other scripts, but rather gives you a totally complete HTML page that you save and simply upload to your server.

Bonus #16 - Network Marketing Strategies

Imagine something big. Bigger. Even bigger. Imagine..

Building Your Network Marketing Business Bigger Than Ever With The Internet!

Never Before Revealed Information!

When is the last time you took any Network Marketing or Business opportunity seriously? Chances are a very long time or not at all. Surely everything out there can't be a scam. There are plenty of people making plenty of money with Network Marketing.

Some are old, some are young. They all have a few things in common. Well one thing really. They know how to Network and they know how to market. The key of any business is to provide something for a fee.

With Network Marketing not only are you selling a product you are selling yourself. As much as people say you are always selling yourself when you sell a product is holds particularly true when you are dealing with Network Marketing.

I know you think this is just another waste of time and money and will leave you with nothing more than a few dollars less than you had before. Yes, something is for sale here. The information you're going to need to succeed.

Don't believe me? Well, keep reading.

Do You Even Want To Succeed?

Well do you? It's one thing to search the web quickly about something. It's another to go out there and do it. I have a feeling you want to get into Network Marketing to make money. How on earth are you going to do that?

Let me ask you another question. Can you name one big name Network Marketer? All the schooling in the world isn't going to make you answer yes to any of these questions. You can read and read and study and study.

Most of the time the people telling you what to do haven't actually done it. If you really want to make something of yourself and make it to the big leagues of Network Marketing you're going to have to learn from someone. The internet has made this tremendously simple. But...

You're Destined For Failure!

By no means am I trying to scare you away or come off as pompous. Instead I wanted to see if you had what it takes to be a big hit in this game. It is a game. There are certain rules to follow and moves to make. Some will win some will lose. If you want to win you're going to want to learn a few things.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

How the people in your inner circle could make or break your business

The truth about what the pros do and you'll need to do make money

Which simple mind set will better your business for ever and ever

Why being shy can be your best friend in Network Marketing

The habits you're going to pick up to win at this game once and for all

A major personality trait everyone who is anyone has and how to get it

How to grow your down line on a massive scale with little effort or money

Why the right up line is only half the battle and how to overcome it

The top mistakes Pros and "Joe's" make and how to avoid them from the start

How to create a "dream team" of network members in no time at all

And a lot more!

Bonus #17 - Uncover Red Hot Niches

Discover How Niche Research Can Help You Create A Moneymaking Website By Following A Simple 7 Step System

Niche Marketing is a business strategy you can use to help define and sell to your target audience

Discover How To Conduct Niche Research In Minutes A Day And Make Big Profits Online

Imagine what your life would be like if you could make money by developing your passions?

It sounds like all the other hype that’s out there on the Web, right? If you’ve searched the Web before, then undoubtedly you have heard of the term “Niche Marketing”. What is niche marketing and how can it help you?

Niche marketing involves marketing an information product or service in a narrow or focused subject area. Because there are so many people competition for attention on the Internet today, the ONLY way to make money is by finding a niche category to work within.

Niche selling can create a source of powerful income to anyone taking advantage of it.

Niche Marketing is a powerful tool anyone can use to create a lifelong, permanent source of income by focusing on the hobbies they enjoy and love…

Before you start selling something you are passionate about, you have to learn what niche marketing is all about. You ALSO have to learn if the niche you plan to work in is going to be PROFITABLE.

Many first time business owners fail. They fail because they do not do their homework. They fail to research whether their niche-marketing category is popular enough to generate traffic and to get people to buy their products.

Fortunately, there is an answer. You can learn how to develop your own niche marketing strategy, using a few simple steps. This strategy will help you evaluate whether the niche you want to work in is powerful.

It will also help you brainstorm ideas for other niche categories in case you find your one topic is not popular at the moment.

What are the key steps to examining the profitability for a niche? We’ll tell you right here, right now:

Brainstorm for ideas about niche marketing topics

Identify two or three niche categories you are interested in

Identify products you can offer in your niche market

Test and sell them

These are the four most basic steps involved in niche marketing. However, finding a profitable niche marketing topic and then working to make that niche product profitable involves much more than these four simple steps.

For example, do you know how to develop a marketing plan that will help you sell your information products successfully? Do you know how to expand on your niche once you do start selling to your target audience?

You could spend hours surfing the Internet or reading books, looking for information about niche marketing.

What all these books fail to do is tell you whether the niche you plan to invest in is (1) profitable and (2) easily implemented.

You need to know whether your niche is a financial powerhouse long before you start building a website around it.

You also have to know how you can set up shop easily and inexpensively, without headaches or frustration.

The good news is there is a way to find all of this information without searching hours on the Internet.

In this incredibly easy to read guide, you will learn:

How to find sizzling and profitable niche topic ideas, so you can select a winning idea for your start-up business

Where to find the best ideas for a niche marketing campaign, based on consumer preferences, wants and needs

How your local and regional resources can help you grow and expand your business in ways you never thought possible

How to evaluate a niche for its profitability using 3 easy steps so you can avoid selecting a niche that won’t make you money

The 2 most important places to research niche topics to find out whether they are viable and will generate high income potential for you

Learn what interest, demand and supply are and how they impact your ability to achieve niche success in the global marketplace

Discover the #1 way to evaluate supply for your niche product or category so you can ensure success the moment you start a business

Find out the #1 way to evaluate your competition and beat the competition using one simple strategy

Learn how to design a killer sales and landing page so you can convert visitors into paying customers

Find out why testing is so important and what steps you can take to set up automatic testing of your ideas, sales letters, advertisements and more


Bonus #18 - Keyword Research Bible

Sick And Tired Of Getting Tons Of Traffic That Isn't Buying? Sounds Like It's Time To Reexamine Your Keywords!

Do you know how important keywords are to your business?

You might not realize it, but your keywords are the reason your traffic comes to you, they are the reason people know your site exists and they are the only reason that your customers purchase. In fact, they are so important that if you are struggling to make sales, they might be the sole problem. Seems unlikely? Let me explain...

Keywords are the Internet equivalent of the big sign that you hang outside the front of your store, telling everyone who passes what services you provide. Your keywords entice your customers to visit your site and tell them what to expect when they arrive. Without properly targeted keywords, you could be getting traffic that is confused and not looking to buy what you are selling.

How confident are you that your keywords are 100% correct and providing your business with the right kind of traffic you need to survive?

I learned the hard way how valuable keywords are. Learn from my mistakes and don't fall into the same trap I did.

When I first started working online, I assumed that all I needed to do to make sales was create a site and drive traffic. So that's what I did. I found a great resale rights product called "Six Maneuvers To Score With Social Marketing", built a website and started to find traffic to sell it to.

I did everything the eBooks told me to do to find traffic. I used Adwords, got my site listed on Yahoo! and Google, wrote articles, created an email list and signed up to a traffic exchange. I waited for the traffic to come and to my surprise it did.

I was excited to see my traffic counter sputtering out of control and to see hundreds of people come to my sales page. I never imagined my online business was taking off so fast. I had heard that it was difficult at first to make money online, but I was well on my way to my first Internet million. Or so I thought...

I was so excited to see so much traffic come my way, that I didn't even realize that no one was actually buying anything. I knew that the sales would come once enough people saw what I was selling. Internet marketing is a numbers game and the more people who see a given page, the more likely that sales will start coming.

So I waited.

I waited as my traffic counter was screaming with excitement. My site was getting thousands of hits a day and I continued to wait. It was hard to sit on my hands and do nothing, but I didn't want to make any changes that would stop my traffic from coming. I was new to the Internet marketing world and I didn't know where and why my traffic was flooding in, but I knew that I didn't want to do anything to make it stop.

Even if I wasn't making any money (and was actually losing money) I knew that if I could keep up the visitors, things would eventually work out.

I didn't know what else to do, so I did nothing. I went for long walks around the block, took mid-day naps and watched the worst soap operas ever to air on TV. I did everything I could to stay away from the computer with the hope that the Internet gods would look kindly upon me and convert my traffic into paying customers.

I waited a week and then I couldn't hold off anymore. I had gotten nearly 10,000 hits to my site and not one sale. Something clearly had to be wrong. I tested my purchase button and it worked fine. I tested the rest of my links and everything seemed to be functioning properly. I retested everything in different browsers and again, everything was ok.

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why no one was buying anything.

I had no choice but to ask a friend of mine who knew more about Internet marketing than I did to help me figure things out. I sent him a frantic email asking him to save my business.

I got a response in a matter of minutes. The only thing contained in the email was the word "hahahahahaha".

Confused, I called him. He proceeded to tell me exactly why no one was buying what I was selling. He said he did a quick glance at my site and saw that instead of the phrase "six maneuvers to score with social marketing", my keyword phrase was "sex maneuvers to score with social marketing".

That little typo meant that instead of finding people who were looking to make money with social marketing, I was advertising that I could help people find sex partners via social marketing sites.

It was no wonder no one was buying my eBook, they were looking for something completely different.

Keywords Are Your Keys To A Successful Business!

Keyword Research Bible gives you a detailed description of how you can build an effective keyword phrase that will enable your business to produce sale after sale. The ability to conduct effective and thorough keyword research is a basic, fundamental skill that any serious online marketer or entrepreneur must learn. Keyword Research Bible is your chance to learn the right way to do it today.

If you don't understand how a great keyword list can improve your ability to sell your products, then this is one eBook you cannot afford to be without.

Natural, organic search results are the most cost-effective way to create sales, and relevant keywords are the best way of producing the search results you need.

Choosing relevant keywords is your only opportunity to drive the targeted, focused and free customers your business needs. Don't let this chance pass you by.

What are you waiting for? See how Keyword Research Bible can make you money today.

Keyword Research Bible Will Help You...

Understand Why Keyword Research Is So Vitally Important!

Start Building Your Keyword Phrases From Scratch!

Find A Niche Centered Around Your Keywords!

Analyze your Competition So You Can Create Your Own Monopoly!

Find The Best Keyword Resources For Free!

Translate Your Traffic Into Sales!

Bonus #19 - Super Affiliate Success

Who Else Wants To Discover How The Super Affiliates Make Huge Commissions Every Time They Promote And How You Can Copy Them To Success?

If You Want A 'No Holds Barred' Secret Insight Into What The Super Affiliates Do Then Look No Further... You've Found It!

To live the life of a super affiliate is to live with...
  • No Customer Service
  • No Technical Support
  • No Responsibilities
  • No Product Creation
  • No Employees To Pay
  • Huge Affiliate Checks Every Month and...
  • Ability To Make Money On Demand!
  • Who Wouldn't Want To Live A Life Like That?

    But those super affiliates are a secretive and jealous lot, they want to keep their techniques secret. So I have personally made it my goal to find out what the super affiliates do to make 95% more than the 'normal affiliates'. I watched what they do and copied their techniques until I too was earning huge affiliate checks on demand and now I've released it to the public, because I believe everybody should be all that they can be.

    In this special report you will discover...

    What Super Affiliates Focus On That Average Affiliates Do Not... (Read About It On Page 3),

    How You Can Learn The 'Lingo' Of Your Niche In Less Than 5 Minutes... (Discover This On Page 3),

    How To Get Buyers To Sing Your Praises And Buy From You Again & Again... (Read About This On Page 4),

    Discover The Sure Fire Way To Increase Your Sales With This Hot Tip... (Found On Page 5),

    Find Out The Perfect Way To Get All The Promotional Tools You Need... (Discover This On Page 6),

    The ONLY Way To Recommend Products... (Page 7 Has The Answer),

    How To Add More Trust In Your Business Relationships Than You Ever Thought Possible... (Found On Page 8),

    The 4 Steps To Writing The Perfect Testimonials And Getting The Sale... (Read About It On Page 9),

    The Best Thing You Can Do As A Super Affiliate... (Discover This On Page 10),

    What EVERY Review Needs... If Not It's Just A Steaming Pile Of BS... (Page 11),

    Find Out On Page 12, About Something That Virtually Nobody Is Doing But Is EXTREMELY Powerful,

    Discover How The Super Affiliates Double Their Sales Every Time (Page 13),

    Find Out What Works Like 'Gang Busters' For Simon Hodgikinson (Page 14),

    Ever Thought About Using Video To Promote Affiliate Products, Chris Rempel Has The Perfect Example (Page 15),

    The 6 "Double Your Money Tips" That You Need To Know On Page 16,

    Discover How The Super Affiliates Build Their Lists (Page 17),

    Page 18 Says If You Are Not Doing This, You Are Wasting Your Time,

    The Quickest & Easiest Way To Get Traffic In Less Than 5 Minutes (Page 19),

    The Autoresponder Services The Super Affiliates Use (Page 20),

    A Free Way To Get More Product Ideas That You Can Poke A Stick At (Page 21),

    Discover The Secret Of How I Earn $632.65 / Month With Just 10 Minutes Writing (Find Out On Page 21),

    Find Out How The Super Affiliates Beat The CAN-SPAM Laws Every Time (Page 22),

    Want To Know How The Super Affiliates Think? Find Out On Page 23,

    'Force' People To Buy An Affiliate Product Through Your Link (Discover This On Page 25),

    4 Tips To Create The Perfect Bonuses (Page 26),

    I've Only Seen This Once, And It Is So Effective You Will Be Kicking Yourself (Find Out On Page 27),

    Every Super Affiliate Does This And So Do You (Page 28),

    Plus Much Much More...

    Bonus #20 - Internet Copywriting Success

    Discover How Proper Copyrighting Skills Make Big Profits!

    Never Before Revealed Information!

    Exclusive Offer!

    Have you ever purchased something online by viewing a picture? What about buying something based on a picture and a description or write up on the product? Pictures are worth a thousand words but just a few words of proper web copy will do.

    The dilemma we face is copywriting for the Internet. This means writing that will sell stuff. Online. It's a whole different ball game when it comes to writing for the web as opposed to writing for traditional media.

    It's common place for the best Internet Marketers. The products are never really that great they are just marketed well. It's about marketing and marketing online is about copywriting.

    But The Problem Is...

    If you're a seasoned and successful Internet Marketer making thousands and thousands of dollars a month, quite frankly what I am going to share with you probably isn't anything new.

    But, chances are you aren't making thousands of dollars a month with marketing on the web. Maybe you're trying to get over the $100 a month mark or maybe you're not there yet either.

    It doesn't matter, as long as you want to conquer copywriting for the web you're in a good place. Everyone who is anyone in Internet Marketing started somewhere. We all make the same mistakes but those who succeed are those who learned the right way of doing things. Well...

    Anyone Can Write Killer Web Copy!

    Yes, anyone really can write copy for the Internet that will turn a no in to a yes in an instant. You can even create impulse buys just from your writing. Of course you need to know how to write correctly. Have no fear, I'm here, I'm talking and now it's your turn.

    Here is what you will learn inside this guide...

    The Difference Between Offline and Online Copywriting

    How The Right Attitude Really Goes a Long Way

    Why The Top Web Copywriters Are That Way

    The Fine Art of Short and Sweet Copywriting

    How The Way You Format Could Make or Break You

    What The Best Copywriters Know That You Don't

    How To Create Impulse Buying With Your Words

    Maximizing Your Copywriting Efforts With Ease

    How Certain Words Trigger Certain Actions

    The Secret To Headlines and How To Make Them Shine

    And a lot more!

    Bonus #21 - Cash Sucking Sales Letters

    Discover The Simple And Proven Step-By-Step Methods And Techniques To Creating Hypnotic Sales Copy That Turns Visitors Into Eager To Buy Paying Customers!

    All you have to do is follow the easy to follow methods and techniques outlined in this straight to the point, no BS guide and your visitors will go from suspicious readers to trusting, eager to buy customers at the blink of an eye

    Does your sales copy suck? I mean, does it really, really suck so bad that you can barely squeeze out a sale from 1000 visitors to your website? If it does, don’t worry – this is why you’re here, and I’m happy to tell you your problems can be fixed because you came to the right place…

    First of all, let’s talk about the extreme importance of good sales copy…

    Now, let’s say you have a $97 product and a decent sales letter up on your website that converts visitors to buyers at 1%. Let’s also say that you drive 3000 unique visits to your website a month, so at 1% you would be making $2910 (minus advertising costs and expenses).

    That’s not bad! But after a while you get bored with that number and decide you want to double your income. Now there’s three ways you can do that:

  • You can double the price of your product from $97 to $194 (this will probably kill your 1% conversion and your overall profits would drop)

  • You could try driving double the traffic to your website and see what happens (this is not always easy, as traffic does not come on demand – it can also be a costly choice)

  • Or, you could work on improving your sales copy and increase your conversion rate to 2% (if you have a good product this is a very possible)

  • That is how powerful good sales copy is. Just by tweaking and improving your sales letter you can go from 3000 visitors a month with a $97 product converting at 1% for a total of $2910 in sales to: 3000 visitors a month with a $97 product converting at 2% for a total of $5820 in sales!

    That’s Right, You Can Easily Double Or Sometimes Even Triple Your Profits Just By Improving Your Sales Letter!

    Here’s Just A Small Example Of What You’ll Learn In The "Cash Sucking Sales Letter Secrets" Guide...

    The Basics: everything you need to know about sales letters before you start (this is kind of a warm up before you dive into the real meat of the guide)

    The Basic elements of the sales letter and why it is important to follow them (once you get these fundamentals into your head, writing sales letters will become easier and easier)

    The basic parts of a standard sales letter explained (everything from the headline to the PS)

    How to create attention grabbing headlines that grab your readers by their throat and lead them into your offer (the headline is considered by many to be the most important part of the sales letter)

    The importance of having a strong first paragraph and why it can make or break your sales letter

    To guarantee or not to guarantee, that is the question (should you include a guarantee in your sales letter? You will soon find out)

    A simple 12 step guideline to writing a killer sales letter (just print these 12 steps out and keep them handy when typing up your next sales letter)

    Examples of lethal sales letter mistakes that should be avoided at any costs (you’ll want to know these, just so you never make them)

    Long VS Short (when it comes to writing a good sales letter, bigger is NOT always better)

    The words you should never use in your sales letter (again, this is something you should know)

    And much, much more!

    Bonus #22 - Viral Marketing Exposed

    Finally! You're About To Discover How You Can Use The Power of Viral Marketing To Make People "Spread The Word" About Your Product/Service Which Will Give You More Traffic, Optins and Profits...

    Inside you'll discover...

    A clever technique to get people to spread the word about your site

    Exactly how it is possible to make an information product go viral

    Using social networking sites to get the ball rolling - I'll even show you a list of top social sites to join

    Using incentives to gather affiliates who will bring you viral traffic

    The key to effective viral marketing

    Just what makes a product viral in the first place

    Using videos as another stream of viral traffic

    How to go about creating a viral video

    Factors that make a video go viral - use these tips to guarantee your video will go viral

    What to do once you've launched your viral campaign

    And much, much more!

    Bonus #23 - FaceBook Social Ads

    Are You Ready To Run Ahead Of The Pack With The Best Web 2.0 Monetization Guide Ever Written?

    Unless the rock you're living under is buried deep underneath a tree on a desert island lost in the middle of the Pacific, you're probably already clued in to the most popular website this side of the search engines.

    Facebook has long been held as the sacred destination of Internet Marketers. They've longed to turn the website's immense traffic into social marketing gold, but few have been able to break through and monetize the site.

    During the MySpace heyday, people were spoiled by the ability to use the social networking features to expand their customer base. Smart marketers would routinely find thousands of new friends and convert that traffic with simple marketing techniques.

    People who expected to easily make the transition from MySpace to Facebook faced a surprisingly difficult scenario. Facebook's clientele wasn't nearly as accepting a marketing population as MySpace was and most marketers soon gave up, declaring that Facebook was useless for their purposes.

    What these early Facebook marketers didn't realize was that there was a way to effectively market products and services, it's just different than what's done on MySpace. These marketers either didn't try new methods or didn't know enough about Facebook to make the new methods work.

    Either way, as someone who regularly and successfully markets products on Facebook, I scoff at people who tell me that the traffic from Facebook is worthless.

    When I first saw Facebook, I was excited to use it, purely from a social marketing point of view. I had heard about it from some friends and it seemed like a great way to stay in touch with people and reconnect with old friends. So my first experience with the site was as a user, not as a marketer.

    I used Facebook for months before I started using it as a marketing tool. I feel like this userbility gave me an insight into the minds of the Facebook users and it was with this knowledge that I was able to put together a truly great Facebook marketing strategy.

    My strategy worked almost from the first time I tried it and I've been using it ever since. The Facebook marketing strategy that I created centers around their social ads and the only way to use them properly and effectively. I've never seen this strategy anywhere else and I don't expect to. My marketing plans were created out of the fabric of what Facebook was intended to do and it therefore is enormously powerful.

    Make Your Money On Facebook!

    Since the addition of applications earlier this year, millions of web developers have broken their backs creating fun, interesting, playful and useful applications for their fellow Facebook friends, few though have been able to profit from their hard work.

    When applications were still new and everyone wanted to add as many as they could to their profile, a handful of developers managed to make some money from their work. These lucky few didn't achieve success because of any explicit marketing technique, but due to Facebook’s inherently viral platform. Their applications were fun and interesting and people enjoyed recommending them to others. In fact, their popularity might have been because of their lack of a marketing technique, instead of despite it.

    The majority of these early success stories have not been successful in leveraging their applications to other Facebook opportunities. These were one hit wonders. But their accomplishments serve for our gain that monetizing Facebook is not only possible but achievable, if done in the right way.

    Facebook is a resource that will only continue to grow in the coming months and years. Facebook’s expansion is predicted to eventually surpass MySpace's and when that happens, you already want to have your monetization in place. For developers and business people alike, Facebook is an opportunity that is well worth exploring.

    Don't overlook this tremendous untapped opportunity. If you'd like to succeed where so many others have failed, this is your chance.

    Why Facebook WILL Become The Next Adwords...

    One of the biggest complaints that people have with Facebook is the low conversion levels.

    Advertisers are complaining that effective campaigns are converting only 0.03% of the time. People will keep shying away from marketing on Facebook until they figure out a way to increase the monetization and until they find an effective use of Facebook's growing user base. But let’s not forget that even Google's acclaimed Adwords program took longer than expected to customize before the masses were able to profit.

    If Facebook's expansion follows the same template (which all signs are pointing to), then the most profitable period should be in 6-12 months from now. If you want to be in prime position to profit just like those websavvy marketers did back in the early days of Adwords, this eBook is a must.

    Facebook Social Ads - The New Adwords Will Help You...

    Build Your Facebook Marketing Strategy From The Ground Up!

    Understand the Unique Marketing Mind Set Involved In Facebook Marketing!

    How To Use Social Ads To Boost Your Sales!

    Use New Changes To Facebook To Your Advantage!

    Figure Out How Pages And Beacons Can Be Your Marketing Savior!

    Find Out What The Real Facebook El Dorado Is!

    Bonus #24 - Underground Twitter Manifesto

    You’ll Discover How To Tap Into One Of The Most Powerful Viral Traffic Machines Online And Make More Money Than You Ever Imagined Using Twitter Marketing Secrets To Ethically Get Free Targeted Traffic On Auto-Pilot!

    These Simple Results Producing Methods and Proven System Will Make You More Money… Generate Swarms of Pre-Qualified Targeted Twitter Traffic To YOUR Site…And Give You The Power To Quickly Get Thousands Of Followers Right Here…Right Now!”

    Are you sick and tired of wasting your hard earned money on PPC, CPA, CPM, CPL, classified ads, banner ads, co-registration leads and other expensive advertising costs?

    Are you struggling to build a decent targeted list of subscribers while others do it quickly with ease?

    Are you trying to master the finer aspects of several social networking sites that take too much time, too much experience and too much ridiculous trial and error?

    Are you repulsed by sites like MySpace and many others that have become big SPAM machines for web cams, scams and dealing with sock puppet friends?

    There is a solution to all these irritating questions that all of us as Internet marketers have to deal with every single day whether we like it or not…

    Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know that just about everyone involved in the Internet marketing community and the Warrior Forum have been talking about how they are involved with using Twitter in some way and or asking questions on how to use Twitter, what’s Twitter, how does Twitter monetize their site, etc.

    Twitter Is NOT A Fad… Twitter Has Become A New Revolution In The Way We Do Business Online!

    If you’re NOT a part of this Twitter REVOLUTION you are going to miss out big time.

    Right now is the time to get involved if you have not already done so.

    Twitter is the new revolution of social networking, online communications, mobile communications and has quickly filled in the missing gaps where others fell short.

    Take a look at what some of the top marketers are saying just in the last few weeks as of this writing...

    “I promise you, if you don’t get a Twitter account today and start using it you’re going to KICK YOURSELF in the near future. You just wait and see”. John Reese

    “If you don’t have a Twitter account, you really should get one, because Twitter is honestly the next big thing. Don’t miss out on this while it’s still new.” Brad Callen

    “Why wait another minute to get started using Twitter when you know you could be building your lists, building relationships, selling more products and services and building your credibility faster”. Mike Filsaime

    Here are just a few of the powerful benefits you will discover using my “Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto Exposed”…

    How Can Twitter Help Expand My Business and How Does Twitter Work For Making Money Online? The insider secrets that only 5% of all Twitter users know to literally dominate your niche...

    Red Flags You Need To Consider Immediately Before You End Up Wasting Hundreds Of Precious Hours Using Twitter And End Up With An Addiction!

    Don’t spend hundreds of hours of your life with Twitter Marketing struggling to see what works through trial and error…Use these strategies to create a rabid following…

    You Need To Know These 5 Basic Tips If You Are A Twitter Newbie To Avoid Wasting Valuable Time… Avoid the deadly mistakes most make with Twitter…

    How To Use Twitter To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog And Provide Valuable Targeted Content For Your Followers… Follow These Guidelines To Insure Maximum Profits…Don’t follow this and you’re simply wasting YOUR time!

    How To Set Up Your Twitter Account Properly For YOUR Niche And Generate More Followers… Discover the vital secret tactics that virtually Guarantees to generate a swarm of pre-qualified targeted traffic…

    How To Make Money With Your “Tweets” Using Twitter The Right Way And To Avoid Annoying Your Followers!

    Surefire Strategy How To Make Easy Residual Income With Twitter Without Doing Anything Black Hat…It does not get any easier than this…

    Insider Secret Tactics On How To Set Yourself Apart From The Twitter Crowd… Most marketers have absolutely no idea how to convert their followers into real traffic and fail miserably to get any results at all…

    How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes Most Marketers Are Doing With Twitter To Keep Your Following Growing Daily!

    How To Open The Floodgates With Twitter By Using Valuable Resources, And Tools To Generate A Dynamic Massive Following And Build Your Twitter Success Smarter And Faster!

    Without this secret your Twitter following will typically be about 500 to 1,500. Don’t you want to see how to get 3,000+ followers within 60 days instead of 6 months?

    Twitter Is NOT A Fad… Twitter Has Become A New Revolution In The Way We Do Business Online… Why is this too BIG to miss out on?

    And much more!

    Bonus #25 - Panic OTO

    Make Your Customers Decide On The Spot & Instantly Boost Your Sales By 300% Or More...

    Imagine being able to easily create a sense of urgency that will make your customers go into a buying frenzy

    With this little tool, it takes only 3 steps to create your very own PANIC OTO:
  • Answer some questions about your offer.

  • Save the generated page.

  • Upload the files to your server.

  • Using a One-Time-Offer is an excellent marketing technique that can make you tons of money! We all know that.

    But imagine being able to make sure that One-Time-Offer is displayed ONLY ONCE to each viewer? It is a proven fact that people are more likely to read your offer if they know it's the only chance they'll get. A simple little marketing trick that will almost certainly boost your sales.

    And guess what happens when you add a live countdown so your visitors know it is a one-time offer that will expire automatically, forcing them to decide on the spot?

    Well, I've checked it out: I've added both features to my OTO, and guess what... One week later, my sales had tripled.

    PANIC OTO is a simple tool that allows you to create a TIME LIMITED offer that will be displayed ONLY ONCE to each visitor.

    With this cool little software tool you can...

    ... easily add your own special offer.

    ... decide on the countdown length.

    ... use this tool with every payment processor that provides a URL for payment. (This includes PayPal & Clickbank.)

    ... easily change the background image. If you know some HTML, you can change the look of the entire page.

    ... rebrand the 'Powered By PanicOTO' link at the bottom of the generated page with your own PayPal address.


    For Full Review of Niche Reaper

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