Video gives you the power
to convert lookers into buyers
We all know the power of video. Video can entertain, enlighten, engage and most importantly for online marketers, video SELLS!

Making your dynamite sales video is a fairly straightforward process -

1) Use your best copywriting skills to craft a compelling script. You already have the most powerful tool for this - it's located between your ears and it's called a brain! I know, sometimes it's hard to get the creative juices flowing, but stick with it and your efforts will pay off.

2) Transform your script into video. VideoVibe takes all the 'technical' stuff out of crafting your videos, so it's quick and easy to do. You can concentrate on the content of your video instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to work complicated software.

3) Get people to watch your video. Now, this is where things can get a little crazy.

You've really worked long and hard to produce your latest video masterpiece. You've shown it to your friends and they absolutely love it. It's engaging, entertaining AND it does a teriffic job of selling your product or service.

Next, you work on the description and title to make sure everything is Search Engine friendly. You put all the right keywords in the title and description. You've included all the right tags that the search engines are looking for.

Now you upload your new video to YouTube and wait for the crowds to come. You wait and wait, and then you wait some more. But the crowds never come.

Surprize - No One is Watching Your Video!

Well, you start to think - what can you do to get more views? How about backlinks? Yeah, that's what you need - lots of backlinks to your video - that's sure to get some action!

So you sit down at the computer and start creating backlinks. You work endless hours creating those backlinks. You go to forums, blogs and anywhere else you can get backlinks. Your mind goes numb after a marathon backlinking session, but it will be worth it when your video is finally discovered!

You call it a day, confident that overnight your views will skyrocket because of all the backlinks. The next morning, you anxiously check out your video on YouTube, but much to your disappointment, there's still no action.

You become desperate - you've invested a whole bunch of time on this project and it just isn't going anywhere! Maybe if you bought some fake views, things would get better. So you head over to fiverr and buy some fake views. Yeah, that will surely get things moving!

A day or so later, you see that your views have gone up, way up! But guess what - you haven't made any sales! Those fake views don't buy anything!

This is the point where most people give up. They've tried their hardest, they've done everything they know to do to get some action and sales from their video, but it just isn't working. Frustration sets in and they conclude that this whole video thing doesn't work - at least not for them. Better stick with your day job!

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!

Now, there's VideoVibe - a new way to get the action you so desperately want and need from your videos. No more hours spent at the keyboard, getting junk backlinks. No more buying fake views that don't add anything to your bottom line.

VideoVibe can get your videos noticed! VideoVibe will syndicate your videos for more exposure.

Got a Mac? No problem! VideoVibe works on both PCs and Macs.

You know, you're obviously really serious about making top notch videos that promote your products and I just want to acknowledge you for that. Most people never take the time to educate themselves the way you have.

You're online, you're reading this page and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now.

That's why you're perfect for VideoVibe. It's especially for people like you, who want to make profit generating videos without the difficulties of banging away at your computer for hours on end, just to get no action. VideoVibe Gets You the Video Exposure You Need!

Let's Talk About Bonuses for a Minute

A lot of marketers will try to convince you that their bonus is the biggest and the best. Make sure you look at the quality of what's in their bonus before you buy. Many of them will try to convince you that they have the BIGGEST deal, saying that they're giving you 173 bonuses or 196 bonuses, or some other such nonsense. Some of them will even tell you that their bonus is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Here are some example YouTube headlines for the recent product release of 'Video Studio' -

Do you really think their bonus is actually worth that much? Like most offers that seem too good to be true, I promise that those bonuses usually aren't even worth downloading. They'll give you a ton of old, out-dated ebooks from years ago. These are ebooks that you'll never bother to read. Or they'll give you videos that tell you about the great new website called 'MySpace'. As you know, MySpace fell in popularity years ago!

Another deceptive ploy some marketers use is that they tell you they'll give a huge discount, like 80% or more -

I'm sure all the hucksters will be trying to persuade you with such nonsensical offers for VideoVibe, but don't be fooled by their outrageous, false claims.

Just to set the record straight - no matter where you buy VideoVibe, the product is the same - the price is the same - the ONLY difference is the bonus!

Be sure to look at all the bonus items I have for you on this page. When you compare this bonus to the bonuses offered elsewhere, I'm sure you'll agree that this bonus offers you the most useful products that will help you succeed with your videos.

I thought long and hard about what exactly could I do to make the absolute best bonus for VideoVibe. I could give you a bunch of ebooks like everyone else does, but that wouldn't be worthwhile. After all, VideoVibe is a video creation and promotion system, so I decided to make my bonus compliment the purpose of VideoVibe.

My VideoVibe bonus is made up of exhaustive libraries of audio tracks, high resolution images and video clips that you can use over and over again whenever you're creating your latest video masterpiece.

So, without further delay, here's the exceptional VideoVibe bonus I have created for you -