WP Freshstart 3.0

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Bonus #1 - Click & Call Pro


No More Lost Opportunities Because A Client or Prospect Couldn't Find A Pen Or Copy A Number On Your Mobile Site...

With Click & Call Pro, you can instantly install a button to any WordPress site that will have customers calling you to buy more stuff in just a single click!

Install the plugin to your site to receive calls with ease

Link the phone number to a call centre selling your products

Install the plugin on local business websites for a fee

Add a voicemail number inside the plugin to capture sales leads

Plus Many More Exciting and Profit-Driven Strategies

Easily Input Your Phone Number From The Simple Dashboard Editor

Add The Click & Call Pro Widget To Your Site in Seconds

Single Click Skype Calls for People Viewing The Site on a PC

Single Click Phone Calls for People Viewing Your Site on a Mobile

Includes optional Skype download link

Now includes ability to display number as well as using buttons

Click to Call Technology on Your Site With No Fees

This is the ultimate Click to Call plugin that DOES NOT charge you an ongoing service fee like some other shady plugins out there with tons of hidden small print!

Bonus #2 - GriddLine Responsive WordPress Theme


Fully Responsive CSS Grid Layout

Using our custom Responsive CSS System you can broaden your website availability & take your WordPress-powered CMS anywhere you like with the latest modern mobile tablets & smartphones.

Control a variety of theme elements via our comprehensive built-in theme options panel featuring 5 tabs packed with settings and options. Change the appearance, features, layout, social networking and seo information with just a few mouse-clicks!

Features of WP Theme griddline -

4 Selectable homepage layout configurations

Theme Options Panel

Flexible Homepage Layouts

Logo Uploader & Background Changer

Gravatar-enabled Registration Area

Uses WordPress 'Featured Image' with Media Library

Selectable Date Format

Simple Content Shortcodes

Editable Copyright Footer Text

Custom responsive pagination

Complete Useage Documentation

Responsive Grid CSS3 Layout Built on the 'Responsive Grid System' framework

Unlimited Color Scheme Creator

100% Valid HTML5 & CSS3

Disqus & WordPress Commenting Systems

Easy YouTube Embedding

Multiple Social Networking Options

jQuery 'Back To Top' Button

Easy SEO/Meta Options

Fixed or Static footer Alignment

Fully Localized (Translation-Ready)

Modern Browser/Device Compatible

Responsive CSS Layout

The GriddLine WordPress theme offers upto 3 levels of responsiveness, allowing visitors to enjoy your website on any modern mobile device using the custom CSS-based responsive system utilizing 100% valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS3 code.

Check out the demos below!

Unlimited Color Schemes

Using multiple color pickers, you can create an unlimited amount of theme color schemes - allowing you to design the style of your choice, whenever you like, with complete ease.

Finetune your custom color scheme or select one of the pre-defined schemes at any time via the theme options panel with just a few mouse clicks!

Comprehensive Theme Options

Control a variety of theme elements via the comprehensive built-in theme options panel featuring 5 tabs packed with settings and options.

Change the appearance, features, layout, social networking and SEO information with just a few mouse clicks!

Super easy Installation & Setup

Easy setup!

Quickly install the theme via WordPress, then easily import demo pages, posts, widgets, theme options and other settings. Easy to follow documentation provided.

Checkout the Live Demos below...

Checkout the live demos on your pc or any mobile device to see for yourself the beautiful layouts and responsive features of the GriddLine Theme...


The GriddLine Theme was Built on the 'Responsive CSS3 Grid System' framework bringing your visitors a state of the art web browsing experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Many other sellers will give you a bonus that includes packs of 50 or 100 WordPress themes. I've seen those themes and they're old themes that you wouldn't want to use. They're old, out of style and most, if not all of them don't work properly on mobile devices. The theme you see here is fully responsive, so it will display properly on all devices to include smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Also, this is a full featured, high quality WordPress theme that can be easily customized to fit your needs. Don't miss out on this chance to get such a top performing WordPress theme!

Bonus #3 - WordPress MAPS Plugin

WP Maps Plugin Creates A Google Map With A Few Clicks Of The Mouse!

WP Maps makes it easy for customers to find you

The Greatest thing about this plugin is that your customers can easily make changes to their own map once you install the plugin and put the first initial map up.

Let's just say if they are having a special event and need to create a new map on their blog post for that special event, they can add it with ease.

Take the hassle out of maintaining your customers websites with updating maps, simply show them how to use the WP maps plugin and they will thank you every time.

Having WP maps plugin puts the power in the customer's hands because it's so user friendly, nearly anyone can update/change/add maps in no time.

Enable 'Street View' To Get A Snapshot On The Street Level

Use Any Business Address

Customize The 'Bubble' To Say Anything You Like

Visitors Can Easily Get Directions Right From The Map

Customize The Height, Width, And Alignment Of Your Google Map

Fully Interactive With Zoom, Satellite Images, And Multi-touch

Add Google Maps Directly To Your WordPress Blog

Easily Insert Onto Any Page Or Post With ShortCodes

Bonus #4 - BadAss CountDown Timer


This WordPress plugin puts a new twist on an old but extremely powerful sales concept:SCARCITY!

"How Can This Plugin Help Me Grow My Business?"

Most countdown timers do one thing and one thing only - they flash a clock, telling the prospect WHEN the special price or offer will expire.

They're on 'deal' sites. They're on webinar replay pages. They're on One Time Offer pages.

They're everywhere. And yes, they DO work. Unfortunately they're becoming less and less effective as consumers become more and more savvy.

In fact, those countdown plugins are only what I call a GOOD START.

Now... Imagine this -

What if there were a way to create even MORE SCARCITY than a simple countdown clock? A way to strike even MORE FEAR into the hearts or your prospects so that they take immediate, decisive action to buy your product RIGHT ON THE SPOT!

Well, now there is a way to make it happen!

Here's how the WP BadAss Countdown works -

Set your expiration time and date

Set your start price

Set the increase increment (nickel, dime or dollar sale)

Create and copy the shortcode

Paste the shortcode on a page, post or sidebar widget

Your prospect watches the price increase as time winds down

Your sale skyrocket!

"How's This Different from Other Countdown Timers?"

It's simple. Other plugins only show the prospect a timer.

They don't show your buyers in REAL TIME the REAL COST of waiting to make a buying decision.

WP BadAss Countdown creates an immense sense of urgency because the prospect can actually SEE how waiting to buy your product is costing them money!

It's absolutely insane!

Bonus #5 - Inline Promo Plugin

ATTENTION: WordPress website owners offering time-sensitive promotions and events ...

Finally! A Hands-Free Solution to Managing Your Expiring Promotions!

How many times have you hosted a limited-time giveaway, offered a sale, or promoted someone else’s time-sensitive event?

If you're a blogger, you should have already heard about one of the most effective blog promotion techniques is via contest or special offers.

The thing though is that, how are you going to grab the attention of your readers and ask their shares to make your special promos go viral? If that's your problem then you should take a look of what this amazing software can do for your marketing campaign.

What Inline Promo WordPress software does is make a limited-time offers obvious with inline promo wordpress plugin. Yes, scarcity tactic works but this feature will push you ahead of the others who does the same.

Make Limited-Time Offers Obvious With The Inline Promo WordPress Plugin

With one simple plugin, you can eliminate all the issues that come with promoting time-sensitive events.

No need to manually track and update blog posts and pages that contain limited-time information

No worries about your readers accidentally finding expired buy buttons and offers

No need to learn CSS to make your offers stand out

Instead, you’ll enjoy "set it and forget it" convenience for all your time-sensitive offers in one easy-to-use plugin.

Create promotions right inside your posts or pages–no need to open additional tabs or create the ad before you write your post

Endless styling options: choose your own background and border colors so you can match your blog…or not!

Text styling allowed–use simple HTML to make your promotion stand out

Use images in your ads for extra appeal - just paste your HTML code in the box and save!

You decide where your promo appears - you’re not limited to before or after your posts with this flexible tool

Create unlimited promos and ads–there’s no limit to the offers you can create

Set your own appearance time–set your ad to appear on the screen only when a visitor scrolls to a point you determine

Set your ad to vanish on the date you determine - perfect for expiring offers, coupon codes, and other time-sensitive events

Choose from border style and width for maximum effectiveness - your promotion won’t just fade into the background

The perfect companion piece for countdown timers

It’s more and more difficult these days to not only draw attention to your promotions, but to manage all the pieces that make an offer successful.

The Inline Promo plugin for WordPress solves many of your frustrations by taking away worries about expired coupons and offers, and by providing a simple but flexible tool for creating eye-catching ads.

Ready to make your time-limited events and offers stand out? Grab your copy of the Inline Promo plugin for WordPress today, and turn your website into an automated selling machine.

Bonus #6 - ReVisitor Content Plugin

Easy & Customizable Content Shown Only To Returning Visitors And Subscribers

Customized Messages Keep Your Site Visitors Interested And Engaged

Facebook does it. Amazon does it. Google certainly does it.

It's called retargeting, and it's an incredibly powerful marketing method that helps turn one-time visitors into fans, and fans into buyers.

You've probably seen it in action when you return to Amazon after having browsed through the latest kitchen gadgets or bestsellers. When you visit again, those same items are right there, reminding you to buy.

For retail sites, retargeting works by showing visitors the products and services they've viewed before. By keeping the items buyers are most interested in right in the front of their minds, these subtle reminders are proven to increase sales.

For bloggers, coaches and information product sellers, the goal is different, but no less powerful:

Encourage repeat visitors to opt-in to your mailing list

Remind subscribers about a coupon code or other offer

Provide handy links to downloadable guides available only to subscribers

Create special offers and upsells for buyers

Show older, evergreen content to new visitors

Easy & Customizable Content Shown Only To Returning Visitors And Subscribers

ReVisitor Content plugin for WordPress brings the power of retargeting to your website or blog, giving you unlimited ways to reconnect with your readers and subscribers.

And unlike other solutions, there’s no complex scripts to write and install, no hacking your php files, and no hassle. Just an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that handles all the details for you.

Bonus #7 - One Time Offer Manager Plugin

Are You Ready To Cash In With Your Own One Time Offers Too?

Discover How You Can Easily Set Up & Manage Unlimited One Time Offer Pages Using Wordpress!

New Awesome Plugin Takes Care Of It All For You!

One Time Offers work! They are responsible for boosting internet marketer's profits online as much as 500%!

That's why so many internet marketers use them.

No doubt you've seen your fair share of OTOs before... perhaps you have even bought an OTO before because it was just too good to miss!

How would YOU like to be able to create that same kind of selling power with your own tempting one time offers?

Now you can, quicker and easier than ever before!

You don't need any tech skills. No more messing with PHP scripts and coding. You just need a WP website and this powerful plugin!

Bonus #8 - Gangsta Optin Plugin


Discover how you can easily create beautiful forms in just minutes - all without leaving your WordPress dashboard

Smart website owners know that building a mailing list is the key to a successful online business. It doesn't matter if you're a service provider, an affiliate marketer, or an offline business owner with an online presence - your mailing list is your most valuable asset.

But getting people to subscribe is tougher than ever.

You need to drive a lot of traffic, offer better incentives, and above all else, you need an opt-in form that begs to be filled out.

Too bad your mailing list service doesn't provide professional-looking choices.

Sure, you get the cut-and-paste tools, and adding the opt-in box to your site is simple enough, but it still looks like every other website around, and does nothing to set you apart.

You CAN Build a Better Opt-In Form

You actually have a lot of choices to improve the look and feel of your form. The trouble is, they all have a major flaw (or two):

AWeber, Constant Contact, and others offer premade forms, but they're rather...ugly. Call to action buttons often can't be edited. Does anyone really want to "Subscribe!" any more?

Costly plugins offer lots of options, but they're needlessly complicated to use, and frankly, who needs all those bells and whistles?

Web designers will happily build you a form - for a hefty price. And who is going to edit it when you want to test a headline change?

And let's not forget about placement. With WordPress, you basically have one option...in the sidebar.

What if You Want to Place Your Opt-In Box on a Page or in a Post?

What might seem like a simple request can quickly turn into an exercise in frustration and a whole day lost while you figure out that...

The HTML code your mailing list provider gives you is long and unmanageable for anyone but the most talented coders

The shorter, "easier" javascript version breaks every time you edit the page

Aligning text and graphics on the page with an opt-in form is nearly impossible - and if you do finally make it work, you're afraid to touch it again to make even the simplest change

It will cost you $100 or more to have a developer "hard code" your form into your theme. And if you want to change your form later or update your theme, it will have to be done all over again.

Who has the time (or the money) to deal with all of that?

A Simple Solution You Can Implement in Minutes

What if you could click a few buttons, select a color or two, and instantly connect your site to your autoresponder list? What would that do for your productivity?

With Gangsta Opt-Ins, that's exactly what you CAN do. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Install the plugin.

Step 2: Paste in your autoresponder's code.

Step 3: Choose your layout and colors.

Step 4: Add the shortcode wherever you want your opt-in form to appear.

This simple, four-step process will take just minutes to complete, and gives you a professional-looking opt-in form for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

A Nearly Endless Variety of Options

Perhaps the best thing about this plugin is that no two opt-in forms are alike. You can customize your form with the look and feel YOU want, including...

Your choice of form styles - and all are modern and sophisticated, never dated and simplistic

The ability to upload a product cover - and place in exactly where you want it on the form

Unlimited colors for your form background

Unlimited colors for your headline and opt-in text

5 color choices for your submit button

The option to change the call to action for better opt-in rates

4 additional box styles to give added dimension to your form

The option to add custom CSS for fine-tuning your form

But even that won't matter if you can't figure out how to make it work, so we've made Gangsta Opt-Ins incredibly user friendly with...

Simple copy-and-paste integration with any autoresponder - just add the form code on the settings page, and Gangsta Opt-Ins does the rest

A built-in widget - simply drag it into any sidebar to add your form. No settings to worry about

One-click placement on any page or post with the Gangsta Opt-In button right on your post editing screen

An automatic resizer that sets your form width to the right dimension every single time, no matter where you place it

Bonus #9 - Recently Viewed Plugin


Keep their interest level high and they'll stay longer!

Have you noticed how great sites like Amazon and Ebay are at keeping you engaged? It seems they’re constantly reminding you of items you viewed in the past, and showing you what other, related products they sell.

In fact, no matter what page you’re on, there in the sidebar or in the footer, you’ll find something more to look at. And because you’ve viewed it or a similar item in the past, it’s much more likely to grab your attention.

Pretty smart marketing, huh? What if you could do the same thing on your website?

"I Already Have A Related Posts Plugin…"

A lot of us do! In fact, next to anti-spam plugins, related posts plugins might just be the most common. But most of them don’t work as well as they could…

  • Little to no control: Many “related” posts plugins use their own proprietary algorithm to decide what’s related…and the results might not be what you intended.
  • No "recently viewed" options: Related is great, but what about what your reader just looked at? How can she easily find that content? Not with a related posts plugin, that’s for sure.
  • Spammy ads that take YOUR readers off site: In what might be considered a pretty sneaky move, some related posts plugins actually encourage your readers to leave your site!

So while that rudimentary plugin might do a little to encourage readers to click around on your site (or maybe to someone else’s) it’s not engaging with your visitors in a way that drives sales.

"I'm Not An Ecommerce Site Like Amazon Or Ebay…"
…so why should I care about recently viewed items?

Here's why: Even if you're not selling a product (and I would argue that you most definitely are) your readers are looking to you to be the authority. They want to know what you have to say about the subjects they are interested in. They count on you to provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions. And they need to be able to find it.

Related posts and–even better–recently viewed content makes it easy for your readers to find what they need. They’ll see exactly what they’re looking for every time they visit your site.

And if your site is monetized either through affiliate links or via an ad network, the more content each reader consumes, the more money you earn.

Of course, if you do sell products–whether your own or someone else's - a true related content plugin gives you many more opportunities to make the sale.

What does this mean for bloggers and other site owners?

Simply put, if your readers are coming to your site and looking at only a single page or post, Google is penalizing you. Your ranking in the search results will suffer, even if the reader stayed on your site long enough to read an entire article!

The easiest fix? Encourage every reader to visit other pages by offering more information she may be interested in.

Keep Them Reading Longer By Showing Them Exactly What They Want To See

Clearly, your job as a profitable website owner is twofold:

  • Provide relevant, useful information your readers want and need
  • Give it to them in a way that makes sense, so they’ll remain on your site longer and increase your sales and advertising rates.

The new, "Recently Viewed" WordPress plugin does just that…

Create multiple related posts or recently viewed posts areas according to your specific needs

Set default numbers of posts to show so your readers get just what they want–and easily override those settings as needed

Choose to show only related posts, or only recently view posts, or both

Show titles only, titles and images, excerpts or not - this totally flexible plugin puts you in control

Works with your existing tags so readers see exactly what you want them to see, and never see unrelated content

Drag and drop widget adds related content to any sidebar or footer

Easy-to-use shortcode puts related or recently viewed posts exactly where you want them on any page or post

Lets your visitors quickly see the posts they've already read and might want to revisit, or others they might find interesting

Perfect for cooking blogs, review blogs, affiliate sites, or any website that relies on page views and clicks to to earn a profit

May help improve your ranking in search results by keeping readers on the site longer and reducing bounce rates

No complicated setup or configuration - just upload the plugin, choose your default settings, and go

Works with any theme, so you never have to worry it will break when you change your site's design

Every time a new visitor lands on your site, ensure that they'll find the information they need with the fully configurable 'Recently Viewed' plugin. It gives you complete control.

Bonus #10 - Easy Share Plugin

Powerful WP Plugin Allows Users To Share Your Images And Videos From Your Blog And Link Them Back To You - Generating A Tsunami Of Traffic Back To YOU!

Easy method to get more traffic

This is how it works…

A user arrives at your website and hovers over an image or video.

The user then types in any sharing message, clicks the 'Share' button and your images, infographics or videos are shared to be seen by hundreds of people!

Here are the features and benefits of "WP EZ Share It"…

100% Mobile-ready – "WP EZ Share It" was designed exclusively with responsiveness in mind. The plugin adapts flawlessly to any type of mobile device so even mobile users can share YOUR images and videos.

Your readers can share in Facebook, Twitter and also Pinterest (just imagine how many visits you’ll get when you are tapping into these GIGANTIC traffic sources!)

Quickly and easily edit and customize the styles, the way YOU want. Box style, background color, border, font and the share button can be adapted to your taste – there’s no limit for your creativity.

You can include impactful effect styles such as audio or hover effects – impress your visitors so they are "forced" to share!

Increase your social traffic to your site and increase sales and subscribers – This is very simple, once people share your images and videos, you will GET more traffic.

Dead-easy to install – You can get “WP EZ Share It” up and running in under a minute (and it’s quite easy to use it…You won’t believe it.)

Bonus #11 - Slide Offer Plugin


Show your offers to visitors when they're most receptive

This plugin will display your offer after visitors finish reading your article.

If you provide high quality content that interests your visitors, this plugin will go a long way to converting those visitors into customers.

This is an ideal plugin if you promote affiliate products.

Let's say that you post a compelling article describing the process of training a new puppy. Your visitor just bought a new puppy and reads your article all the way thru.

Near the end of the article, out comes your offer promoting a related product, either your own product, an affiliate product or even an Amazon product.

Essentially, your article serves as a 'presell' desire builder and the slide offer shows your offer at just the right time.

If you really want to boost sales conversins, this plugin can do the job for you!

Bonus #12 - Easy WordPress Videos


Step by step Wordpress videos tutorials to start and run your very own Wordpress website

Instant access to 25 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials on how to start and run your own blog for fun or profit!

Simply watch and follow the videos to get your blog up and running in no time!

Blogging is easy!

Once you've found a topic to start blogging about, it's just a matter of posting it to your Wordpress blog.

What Do You Get In This Package?

You're going to get 25 easy-to-follow, step-by-step video tutorials on how to start and run your very own blog.

  • How to get webhosting so you can store your web pages and images online
  • How to register a domain name. Every blogger needs their own .com!
  • How to setup nameservers to point to your domain name to your webhost
  • How to install Wordpress. Installing only takes 3 minutes!
  • How to access your Wordpress blog as an administrator
  • How to customize your Wordpress dashboard
  • How to configure Permalinks to make your blog more search engine friendly
  • How to update Wordpress to the latest version
  • How to configure Akismet to prevent comment spam
  • How to create a new blog post
  • How to create new pages
  • How to create and manage categories
  • How to add and edit links
  • How to add and edit users
  • How to format a blog post
  • How to add images to your blog post or page
  • How to change your Wordpress theme to give it a new look
  • How to install plug-ins
  • How to use widgets
  • How to add a 'Contact' form
  • How to backup your blog
  • How to create & use custom menus
  • How to track your blog and gain insightful analytics
  • What to blog about?
  • How to install and configure All In One SEO Pack

Bonus #13 - Easy Protected Links

Finally! A Fast, Easy Solution to Creating Protected Download Links for Your Valuable Content

Stop giving away your work for free and discover how you can easily protect your pdfs, mp3s and more.

How many times have you found your hard work freely available all over the Internet in the form of downloadable pdfs, mp3s, videos, and more?

If you've been creating products for any length of time at all, chances are it's happened more than once.

Illegal file sharing sites

Black hat forums

Hacker hangouts

Other blogs

So-called search engines that provide links to pdf files

All of these types of sites and more are earning money with your hard work, and until now there's been no easy way to stop it.

Sure, you can install a shopping cart or membership plugin to control downloads, but the cost and maintenance is a headache, and for low cost products it may not be worth it.

Instead, what most website owners end up doing is cobbling together a "work around" that looks something like this -

Plugins to hide the download pages from Google

Robots.txt code to hide the folders and files from Google

.htaccess code to prevent "directory browsing" by the casual visitor

Sitemap updates to prevent your 404 pages from accidentally revealing the location of your downloads

...and on and on

And even with all that, you'll still find that...

Search Engines and Others are Sharing the Links to Your Downloads

The truth is, the only way to truly prevent file sharing is to upload your precious files to a secured Amazon S3 server, then create an expiring link.

Here's what that will do for your valuable files:

Prevent Google from finding them - the search engines do not search Amazon servers

revent legitimate (and even well-meaning) buyers from sharing the link - because expiring links are just that - they stop working after a period of time

Prevent those who have the link from browsing through the rest of your files just to see what else might be available

With those three pieces in place, you'll prevent 99% of the illegal file sharing that is costing you money.

Of course, if it were as easy as all that, you could stop reading right here. But while it's a simple (and inexpensive) thing to get an S3 account and upload your files, most people stop there and simply set their S3 buckets to "public" which allows everyone to download the files as long as they have a link

Expiring links are different, but...

If You Don't Know php, Creating an Expiring Link is Overwhelming

At their core, expiring links are quite simple. You set your bucket permissions to "private" and then generate a link that grants the user's web browser access to the content for a set number of minutes.

It's genius, really. You don't have to have a membership script. You don't have to mess around with robots.txt files and arcane .htaccess rules. The web browser does all the work for you.

All you have to do is write about 50 lines of php code and add it to your WordPress theme files.

Yeah. I didn't want to do that either, so I found a better solution...

Introducing Easy Protected Links

As an info-product seller and content producer (and most importantly, not a techy) this was just what I needed. Not only does it let me use my S3 account to protect my content, but it does it in a stylish way that is sure to appeal to my buyers.

Here's how easy it is to use...

Click "Add New Plugin" in your WordPress dashboard and upload the zip file, then activate

Add your Amazon S3 keys and bucket name

Create links right within your post editor screen to automatically protect your valuable files!

Delivering your download is as easy as clicking the icon in your post editor and choosing your options. You'll have...

24 meaningful icons to let your customers know exactly what they're getting

2 attractive button styles in 8 different colors to match any theme

Modern, "rollover" buttons to attract attention and encourage clicks

Fully customizable button text for better calls to action

Customizable expiration times so you can control how long your download is available during each browser session

Editable error message so you can let customers know exactly how to access their download if the link has expired

The ability to include multiple buttons/links per page

Simple shortcode syntax for stress-free troubleshooting

Easily accessible point-and-click button embedder available on both posts and pages

Protection for any file type!

There simply is no better way to quickly and easily create expiring links to your Amazon S3 content to help protect your valuable downloads from unauthorized sharing.

Easy Protected Links offers rock-solid protection by keeping your files off your server and away from prying eyes. Not only that, but by making the links expire, even nosy viewers who browse the source code of your site won't be able to share the link. It will simply stop working at the time you designate!

If you're serious about security and protecting your hard work, you must start using expiring links. Easy Protected Links makes it so simple, anyone can do it!

Bonus #14 - Dynamic Download


The longer they stay, the more likely they are to take the action you want them to.

Easy to use plugin for WordPress that allows you to upsell your visitors to a subscription or purchase by extending their visit on your site after clicking a download link.

Create Dynamic Download links and delay the download by a few seconds with a cool countdown.

Then while the visitor is waiting and you have their attention, you can make your call to action.

You can create multiple Dynamic Download links and easily add them to pages and posts by swiping across and selecting the text or image and then selecting the Dynamic Download link to apply from a drop-down.

The Dynamic Download links can include an opt in form, text, HTML and images.

Bonus #15 - Duplicate Examiner Plugin

You Can Make Great Use of Cost-Effective Content Generation Strategies Without Falling Victim to Google’s Latest Duplicate Content Slapdown

Every website owner feels the pressure to constantly create new content.

In fact, you probably spend a good part of your day writing and editing blog posts, articles, and emails.

And why?

Because if you want to have any hope of climbing to the top of Google’s search results, you know you have to fill your site with top-quality, unique content.

But when you’re running a business, finding time to write new content every day can be tough. Of course, you do have options:

Hire a ghostwriter to create unique content – at $25 and up per article, though, that’s going to cost you

Go for the low-cost content providers – just remember you get what you pay for, and will frequently end up having to rewrite sub-par content

Repurpose your own content – that eBook you give away for free will make a great blog series, just be careful that your readers don’t instantly recognize it, or they might feel cheated

Buy and use PLR – this is certainly cost-effective, but for it to be of real use, you’ll need to make sure it’s sufficiently rewritten, because…

Google Rewards Unique Content with Top Search Results

…and it sends the rest – those reprinted articles from directories and unrevised PLR – right to the “supplemental index.” You know the one that shows up at the bottom of page 37 with a note that says, “We have omitted some entries very similar to the 368 already displayed…” That’s not exactly where you want your blog post to be listed, is it?

Beyond Google, though, you also have to consider your reader. Do you want them to find the same content on your website as they find somewhere else, or do you want to … Become a Trusted Resource Your Market Turns to Again and Again

PLR and other low-cost content solutions might be a good starting point for your content marketing plan – especially if you’re short on time – but if all you’re doing is republishing the same content that can be found all over the Internet, you’re not adding any value.

And that’s what your readers want and need – and what will keep them coming back for more. Value. Good information, presented in a fresh new way that they haven’t seen everywhere else. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help.

Introducing - Duplicate Examiner

Turn Repurposed Content into Unique Articles – Google and Your Readers will Never Know Your Secret!

You’ve heard it said again and again – you must rewrite PLR if you’re going to use them. And we’ve seen why. Now the only question is, "How will I know when I’ve changed it enough?"

That's where Duplicate Examiner can help. This handy WordPress plugin allows you to…
Instantly compare the original article to the current version – you’ll know at a glance if the changes you made are significant or merely superficial

Get a quick snapshot of the difference – just a glance at the sidebar lets you know immediately if you’ve reached your target change percentage for each article

Keep tabs on the quality of guest-posters – if you find you’re constantly having to make major edits, you might rethink your decision to allow certain authors access to your blog

See what your editing staff is doing – similar to Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, Duplicate Examiner shows you exactly what was edited, deleted, and added to your post

Duplicate Examiner also has the benefit of being built for the very software you love and use every day: WordPress. That means it’s…

Super simple to install and configure – because who has time to learn complicated new software?

Automatically ignores stop-words, so you get an accurate picture of the changes you make

Fully customizable for your unique subject matter

Works right inside your WordPress dashboard so it’s always at hand when you need it

This is Not a Content "Spinner” that Simply Spits Out Garbage Articles

I’m sure you’re familiar with those software programs that claim to create unique content at the click of a button. What you end up with is unique, to be sure, but it’s probably not readable. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that on my blog.

No – the Duplicate Examiner is simply a tool you can use to determine exactly how much you (or your staff) have changed a piece of writing. It’s a complement to manual re-writes, not a replacement for, because it helps you set a goal and tells you exactly when you’ve reached it. It helps you - Provide content to your readers that they actually want to read and save money by using (and re-using) good content you already own.

Here’s just a partial list of some of the content you can recreate using a tool like Duplicate Examiner:

Your own articles – make better use of those article marketing pieces by reworking them and posting to your own blogs

PLR content – create unique content using these low-cost articles as a starting point

Affiliate articles – many product owners provide email and blog post copy you can use, and allow you to rewrite it to suit your audience

Transcripts – Webinar transcripts make great blog posts with just a little tweaking!

Product descriptions – it’s easy to run afoul of Google when you sell physical products. Using Duplicate Examiner, you’ll know for sure if all your T-shirts are sharing the same cut and paste descriptions

Stop Wasting Time and Money and Start Using and Re-Using Your Content the Smart Way!

How many PLR packs have you purchased and left sitting on your hard drive, unsure of how to rework them – or even if you can? Now you can know without a doubt if your changes are sufficient to keep the Google-bots happy.

Simply download this amazing new WordPress plugin, and in less than 5 minutes you’ll be able to automatically compare article versions without ever having to leave your WordPress dashboard. Even better, you’ll be able to track edits made by staff writers and tell at a glance whether they’ve improved a post – or not.

Bonus #16 - Delayed Download Plugin

There's no doubt that today's surfers are in more of a hurry than ever before

All you need to do is look at your bounce rate to know that.

Most page visits last only seconds – hardly long enough for your readers to even see your offer, let alone act on it.

And if you’re offering something for free – such as a lead-generating report – the “grab and go” surfing style of today means readers are in and out so fast they sometimes don’t even remember where (or why) they downloaded your offer in the first place.

To say the least, that doesn’t bode well for your long-term business development. But even worse than that… drive-by page views are killing your conversions!

Announcing Delayed Download

Get your readers to stop and smell the roses – here’s what you can get your visitors to do with this plugin:

Check out your latest offer

Join your mailing list

Enter a contest or giveaway

Read your terms and conditions

Consider related items or products

Perhaps the best thing about this plugin though, is everything that is included:

Easy one-click installation right from your WordPress dashboard

Failure-proof style for easy bypassing of pop-up if necessary

Unlimited delayed downloads for multiple offers

Full formatting available using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor

Works with all major autoresponders for easy insertion of opt-in forms

Multiple color/layout styles to match any blog

Customizable call to action button for better conversion rates

Ability to add images to your delay screen

Custom CSS fields for infinite variety

One-click addition of your delayed download to any post or page

Ability to trigger your download via a link or an image

Easy shortcodes so you don’t have to worry about fragile scripts that WordPress loves to break

Delayed Download is quite simply the easiest way to get your visitors and buyers to take the next action, whether that be to read your terms, view related items, or consider an upsell offer. And with its simple installation process and familiar interface, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Bonus #17 - Content Replacement Plugin

Have Your Page And Post Content Change Automatically At The Date And Time You Set… Even When You’re Not Around…

Great plugin that will give you control over content within your posts and pages by date and time. Once you've added some content snippets and inserted the short code tags onto your posts and pages, then on the start date and time the snippet will appear, and on the end date and time it will disappear!

Replace content in your site as scheduled

Change as much content as many times as you want

o the work at a more convinient time for you

Free up more of your precious time – Time is MONEY

Normally WordPress won’t let you do that, but problem solved with this very cool plugin:

Can replace text or any HTML/PHP/javascript on your site

Set the time and date of appearance and disappearance of your content

No limit to the number of timed changes

Uses short codes to easily insert the content anywhere in your site

With the Content Replacement Plugin, your site can be updated with content you produced whenever you want. You could even be on vacation, but it would look like you're hard at work, constantly adding new content!

Bonus #18 - Comment & Subscribe Plugin

Stop Letting 'Hot Prospects' Leave Your Site Without Opting In To Your Mailing List With The Simple Solution That Encourages Your Biggest Fans To Take Action!

You know it's true: Your mailing list is your most valuable asset, and growing that list is very likely among your most important tasks.

Time was, an opt-in form near the top of the page that promised little more than a regular newsletter was enough to generate leads.

But no more!

Now you're encouraged to place multiple forms on your page - in your header, in your sidebar, after each post, on a separate "squeeze page", in a pop-up and even in the middle of your posts!

But all of those forms - while they sometimes work - are missing an important point...

Some Visitors Are Just More Likely To Sign Up Than Others

It's true. Not everyone who lands on your site is interested in joining your list. That's why you test your opt-in incentives, study your visitors' demographics, and spend hours on keyword research - just so you can attract the people for whom your content resonates the most.

Not the browsers who pop in and out in less than 4 seconds

Not the one-time visitor who gets what he needs and never returns

Not the freebie seeker who downloads your report and promptly unsubscribes

Instead, you want the truly engaged, the visitor who loves what you have to say, and who is an eager participant in the community you're building.

How To Instantly Identify Your Biggest Fans

There's no secret formula really. It's not whether or not they follow you on Facebook or put you in their Google+ circles.

The fact is, your biggest fans - and those most likely to want and benefit from your mailing list - are those who take the time to engage with you.

The visitors who read your blog and take the time to leave a comment.

Think about it. They've read your entire post. They found enough value in it that they have something to add or share. And they're willing to take a few minutes out of their busy day to comment.

At a time when the average webpage visit can be measured in seconds, it's safe to say that your commenters are some of your biggest fans.

There's no doubt why placing an opt-in form near the end of each post is such a popular choice today. But it's not enough.

We're Blind To Opt-In Forms

Just as we've learned to ignore the sidebar form and the pop-up form and click away from the squeeze page, even the bottom-of-the-post form is suffering from our lack of awareness.

But if we're taking the time to leave a comment, we're clearly engaged with the content and the page. We're paying attention. We're seeing everything.

So how can you, the blogger in search of a larger mailing list, ensure your commenter is offered the best chance to join your list?

Connect Your Commenting System To Your Mailing List Provider

Sounds simple doesn't it? The fact is, it's one of the most effective methods for growing your mailing list, and almost no one is doing it!

Of course, writing the code to make two completely separate systems talk to each other is understandably a bit much to expect from most bloggers. That's why we've developed a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to capture the names and emails of your biggest fans, right at the moment of engagement.

The Comment Subscribe plugin gives your readers one-click access to your best content. With just the click of a button, commenters are automatically added to your mailing list. It really could not be any easier!

Here's how it works:

Visitor reads your blog post

Visitor expands on your thoughts or shares their experiences in the comments

Visitor checks a box to opt-in to your list at the same time!

Since it's both intuitive and easy for visitors to do, unlike filling out a form, they are far more likely to actually do it!

But even better, since it's a WordPress plugin, it comes with a host of features you'll love:

Simple one-click installation - no databases or cPanel or FTP access required

No complicated set-up - just connect your autoresponder and the plugin does the rest

No need to touch any cryptic code, create an "app" or hunt down your list ID

Set custom call to action to speak directly to YOUR readers

Easy native connection to AWeber means you have total control

Simple cut and paste form code connects virtually any other autoresponder service

Connect to any of your mailing lists just by choosing from the drop-down menu

Secure connection with AWeber means you don't expose your list details to the public

Bonus #19 - Cloud Save It Plugin


If you're like 99% of website owners, the answer is a clear "Yes!"

Here's something else you have in common with all those other site owners though: Most readers who download your reports and products do not read--or even look at them.

Now, there are plenty of reasons for that, but one of the biggest is that your readers either don't remember where the download went, or they can't find it among the hundreds or thousands of other files that get automatically added to the "downloads" folder every month.

Why Should You Care If They Read That Free Report?

On the surface, this is a valid question. It's not really your job to ensure visitors can find and read your report, or listen to your audio course, or use the graphics you sell. It's not your responsibility to make sure they understand how to file your product where they can find it again later.

But think about what can happen if you don't worry about those things -

You'll waste time re-sending files that have been lost--or you'll pay your customer support person to do it

Your customers--rather than being frustrated with their inability to find the file--will blame you for the missing information

You'll miss out on potential sales of affiliate products you're promoting in that free report

But even if we put all that aside, there's a bigger reason you really want your visitors to consume your content - we buy from those we know, like and trust!

And how is that trust established?

It starts with the quality of information you provide. They'll find that on your blog, in your social media updates, in the emails you send, on your YouTube channel, and in a host of other areas.

Trust is also earned when your customer has a positive user experience--whether they're downloading a free checklist or a paid product, they expect the process to be smooth and easy. And a download that's lost in the deep recesses of their hard drive is neither.

Never mind the fact that you have no control over where their files are saved.

Now you no doubt have the information part down. You share rock-solid tips and advice, create products and programs that overdeliver and truly help your customers with the issues they face.

There's got to be a way to help your readers without further complicating their lives

Cloud Save It Improves Customer Experience And Leaves Your Readers With A Positive Impression Of You And Your Business

With this one simple WordPress plugin, you can instantly gain credibility and turn readers into raving fans, just by saving them time and making the download process easier.

The idea is simple: Give readers a way to automatically download your product right into their cloud storage solution of choice. No browsing for the right folder. No wondering later where the file was saved. No contacting support later for a replacement.

Just a one-click download to either Dropbox or Google Drive, so they'll know exactly where the file is. Even better, they'll be able to access it from anywhere.

And it's all so simple to use, you'll wonder why no one's created this plugin before now!

Cloud Save It offers a complete solution with...

Fast, simple installation - just upload right through your WordPress dashboard and you'll be running in no time

Quick Dropbox integration - easy-to-follow instructions let you create the required key - no experience necessary!

Single-page settings ensures super fast setup - even if you're a complete technophobe!

Amazon S3 integration even lets you store your downloads securely on their servers

Offer customers the choice to instantly save files to Dropbox or Google Drive

Create links right in your WordPress editor for maximum convenience

Shortcode commands mean you never have to fiddle with cryptic javascript or other unreadable code

Create download links from any server - your website host, Amazon, or any other file server you have access to

Protect your Amazon files to help prevent unauthorized downloads - perfect to prevent sharing of links for paid products!

Bonus #20 - Expired Content Plugin

ATTENTION: WordPress user looking for a better way to control content of posts and pages...


Harness The Power Of Human Psychology To Make Profits Faster...

Here's a tried-and-true marketing "trick" you're sure to have used - the limited-time offer. You know how it works...you put your product or service on sale until Sunday, or the end of the week, or the end of the month, and more people buy.

That's great for your sales, but it also means a lot more upkeep for you. Not only do you have to create the coupon or special offer and promote it, but you also have to remember to remove the deal when its done.

And let's face it - taking down a special offer is the last thing on your mind - you're too busy planning the next!

"Isn't That What the WordPress Post Scheduler Does?"

Unfortunately, no. While the post scheduler is great if you want to go on vacation and have it appear as if your blog is occupied, it doesn't offer the level of control you need to edit the content of the page.

The post scheduler works only to publish a post. It doesn't...

Turn sections of the page "on" to announce a sale or special offer

Turn other sections of the page "off" when the sale is done

Or even UNpublish the entire post

All it does is publish on a specific date. Useful in some situations, maybe, but certainly not the level of control that the Expired Content Plugin provides.

"Why Can't I Just Mark My Calendar?"

Over the years, you've probably found a workaround for the issue of updating content on your site. You set a reminder in your Google calendar, make a note in your planner, or even hire a virtual assistant to keep track and make the appropriate updates.

But all of these systems can and do fail for one reason: Human error.

Ever forgot to check your calendar? Accidentally deleted a reminder? And if you entrust important updates to someone else? Well, then you're relying on him or her not to make a mistake.

Automating Systems is the Key to Business Success

As a smart business owner, you know that well-planned systems are what keep your business running smoothly. Even more, if you can automate those systems, you can walk away from your office and know the work is getting done - without any need for reminders or extra support staff.

And the new Expiring Content Plugin makes automating your WordPress content super easy, with...

An easy-to-install plugin that works right in your dashboard

The ability to turn any content block on based on the date you choose

The ability to turn any content block off after a specific date

A simple interface anyone can use - even if you're not the least bit technical

PLUS+ this exciting new plugin works equally well for text, photos, buy buttons, video, and even sign-up forms - any content you can place inside a WordPress post or page can be scheduled independently of the post itself.

Imagine What this Powerful Tool Can Do for Your Business

How many times have you written a blog post about a special event or sale you know your readers will want to know about? You always worry that people will find the post long after the event is over (and the do), and be left wondering what happened to the deal.

Manage "lessons" for members who rely on your training to learn valuable business skills

Create a limited-time opt-in offer

Create a "fast action bonus" with an expiration date - after that date, the bonus disappears

Create a sale page in which the price increases at pre-defined intervals to encourage visitors to take action now!

Set up a fun quiz for your visitors in which every day reveals another clue

...or in any other situation where you need to add content on a specific day and don't want to worry about missing a deadline!


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And Download This Bonus!